RAMPLO has a new dealer - Bulgarian company RAL ELECTRO

RAMPLO expands its presence in Southern Europe

The company LAUNE Gyártáskiszolgálás became RAMPLO dealer 

The company "PRO -STOCK" became a dealer of our products

čtvrtek, 06 listopad 2014 08:02

We have a dealer in Slovakia

Brand RAMPLO entered the Slovak market

RAMPLO signed a dealership agreement with the Polish company «SGS»

čtvrtek, 29 srpen 2013 07:07

RAMPLO enters Lithuania market

Storage equipment RAMPLO conquere European markets

The company "LIS TECHNOLOGY", being one of the leaders in the market of warehouse equipment in Ukraine, has become a new RAMPLO distributor

středa, 10 červenec 2013 09:49

We signed new dealership agreement

"Intex-Group" - our new partner in Ukraine

Once again a new dealer in Ukraine

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