RAMPLO warehouse equipment

We produce different warehouse equipment under trademark RAMPLO. Among our products are: mobile ramps also known as dock yard ramps, scissor lifts, dock levelers, dock shelters, container bridges, stationary and fixed ramps. We can produce any type of equipment with unique design, so it will best suit final customer need. Our products are well known in the Europe. We cooperate with tens of wonderful companies, which are our dealers in different countries and regions.


Main advantages of our products and services are:

  • high quality for whole range of equipment under TM RAMPLO;
  • lowest possible prices for final customers;
  • constant availability on stock;
  • personal attention to customers, as our distributors know local needs better than everybody;
  • excellent service and post-sales cooperation.


We would be very proud to supply you our products.

Contact us:


Tel.: +380-66-166-3865

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